Reader’s services

- are reference services given to the library users

  • Bulletin Board Display – showcases library announcement.
  • Library Instruction and Orientation Service – this is conducted every start of the semester of the school year to all new students and transferees to orient students on the proper use of the library and its resources.
  • Reference Service – refers to the assistance given to all library users on the easy retrieval of information for all users both print and non-print materials.
  • Circulation or Loan-out Services – this allows the users to borrow books for home study in a specific period of time.
  • Reserving Service – this allows the faculty to place titles of books in the reserved section for wider circulation.
  • Recalling – recall needed materials being borrowed.

Technical services

-  refer to all the activities and processes to be done for newly acquired library materials.  It includes recording, classifying, putting up of cards, etc. before the book is put in the circulation area.

  • Selection-Acquisition of library materials- this activity is a collaborative effort of the librarian and faculty concern in the selection and acquisition of the right and relevant library materials for library collection.
  • Classifying and Cataloging – refers to the technical and mechanical process applied to the newly acquired books before they are placed in the circulation area.

Internet laboratory services

  • Internet Surfing for Educational Research, News and Entertainment.
  • Electronic mail (e-mail)
  • Encoding of report and assignment

Other services

  • Printing
  • Photocopy



1.1 Library Use and Privileges

Personal Identification
Library staff must require everyone in the library to use valid KTS ID or visitor’s ID.

KTS is a private institution. The library welcomes visitors from the general public who desire to study and conduct research. Visitors may apply for borrowing privileges using a membership form from the library staff.
Pay P15.00 for library usage on Tuesday and Thursday (Monday, Wednesday, Friday-free access) to read books and conduct research but not allowed to take out books.

1.    Fill out the library application form and pay P 200.00 per semester for those taking 1-5 credit         units,   P 300.00 for 6 units or more.
2.    Pay upon enrollment.
3.    Submit a “1x1” ID picture for your form.
4.    Modular students may have library privileges for one month after the end of their class.
5.    Audit students have the same privileges with the credit students

1. Fill out the Library form and register as a member for P 800.00 for one year. (may be paid quarterly at P 200).
2. Submit 1 “1x1” ID pictures for your form. 3. Allowed to take out books. 4. Allowed to photocopy inside the KTS library (maximum of 10
pages only).

1.2 Location symbols

  • Yellow Green label                      - Regular Circulation
  • White label w/ red print               - Filipina
  • Red label                                   - Reference
  • White label with red print            - Islamic
  • CER                                           - Christian Education Resources
  • PAM                                           - Pamphlets
  • White label with black print          - Compiled journals

Special Collections

  • Red label with green bar below    -Technical papers
  • Pink label                                      - Asiana

Books cannot be borrowed unless properly processed

  1. Ownership stamping
  2. Encoding
  3. Cataloging
  4. Barcoding
  5. Labelling
  6. Covering

1.3 Loan Periods and Returns

Library User

No. of Items

No. of Days


10 max.


 (see 1.9)

Faculty & Staff

15 max.


5 max.

  • Each borrower is responsible for all books drawn on her or his name.
  • Borrowed materials should be returned by due date but may be subject for recall if needed as reference materials in class.
  • Date due slips are provided to the patron upon checkout. Materials must be returned to the Circulation desk during library hours.
  • Vertical files, journals (except bound journals), magazines, thesis, dissertations and reference books are for library use only.

1.4 Security
A. The following actions constitute violations against the property of the Library:

  1. To miss helve or "stash" library resources within the Library for exclusive use of a person or group.
  2. To deface, mutilate and damage library property
  3. To remove or attempt to remove library property from the Library without proper authorization (all circulating materials should be process before checked out)
  4. To steal library property and/or profit from stolen library property.
  5. To be in non-public areas without authorization at all times.
  6. To refuse to show ID upon request of Library personnel.
  7. To ignore overdue or recall notices.
  8. To those who did not abide on the library policy.

B. Security Procedures
For the security of library materials, users and staff, library personnel are authorized:

  1. To check the books and possessions of persons leaving the library, including book bags, and brief cases.
  2. To request to see the ID of any person entering or exiting the library.
  3. To question anyone who may have violated the library regulations.
  4. Library users with bags must deposit their bags at the baggage cubicle. However, pocket sized bags are allowed to be brought inside the library.
  5. Library users keep their valuable things such as cell phones, jewelry, money, etc. They should not deposit at the baggage cubicles. Lost valuables are not the responsibility of the library staff or the person in charge of the library.

C. Formal Disciplinary Procedure
Violations mentioned above may result in disciplinary action including financial penalties, reprimand, probation, suspension or dismissal through the campus judicial system.

1.5 Non-Circulating Materials
Reference books, periodicals (except for bound periodicals), thesis and dissertations are not circulated by KTS Library. Faculty members may arrange for short loans of reference books and periodicals for classroom use.

1.6 Renewals
Patrons may renew any materials borrowed from the KTS Library provided that no other person has made a request for the item. Request for renewals by telephone, email will be accepted.

1.7 Holds
Patrons of the KTS Library may place a hold on an item that is check out to another patron. Notification will be sent when the item is returned.

1.8 Reserve
Items are placed on academic course reserve by the library at the request of instructors so students can complete specific required assignments. Both faculty and students can borrow reserve materials. Items in the reserve collection can beloan out for overnight use only and over the weekend. Borrowing starts from 5:00pm and return it on or before 9:00am.

1.9 Overdue Fines and Lost Item Charges
Materials borrowed from the KTS Library are subjected to the following overdue fines:


No. of days


Regular Circulation

2 weeks

P 5.00 per day


2 weeks

5.00 per day


2 weeks

5.00 per day

Non-Print Materials

3 days

5.00 per day


1 week

2.00 per day

Christian Education Resources (CER)

2 weeks

5.00 per day

Special Collection

1 week

5.00 per day


Overnight and Over the weekend

10.00 every exceeding hour


2 weeks

5.00 per day

Bound periodicals

1 week

5.00 per day

Sundays and holidays are excluded when overdue fines are figured. Overdue notices will be sent. These notices are a courtesy. Failure to receive a notice does not constitute a basis for altering or negating a fine. Patrons will not be allowed to check out further materials until their record is cleared. Delinquent borrowers will not sign their clearance until all charges are cleared. The Head Librarian has the authority to waive fines on a case-by-case basis.
The library assesses a fine for lost/unreturned items, consisting of estimated replacement cost plus 50.00 pesos processing fee. Long overdue items will be declared lost after multiple overdue notices. Once billed the processing fee is not refundable. Fines for unreturned materials are intended to help the library replace such materials and make them available for future use.


2.1 Reading Area

  • Electronic communication devices such as cellular phones must be in silent mode.
  • Text messaging is allowed but not phone calls.
  • No one is allowed to bring food & drinks inside the library.
  • The reading area of the KTS library is available for quite study. All library users are expected to respect the rights of each one to read and study in a quiet atmosphere. For discussion please use the student lounge or cafeteria.
  • Wireless internet is also available inside the library.


2.2 Telephone
There are no telephones for public use in the KTS Library. The library does not accept telephone request to locate people. Patrons can use telephone for emergency purposes only.

2.3 Photocopy and Computer Printing
Photocopy Services Charges are the following:
o    Short bond paper is P 1.50
o    Long bond paper is P 2.00

Note: restricted copies up to 10 pages only per book. Computer printing services

  • Short bond paper is P 2.00
  • Long bond paper is P 2.50

6.4 Electronic Resources

  1. The KTS computer network and Internet Access will be only be available during normal working hours or when library is open.
  2. Eating and drinking inside the KTS Computer Laboratory is prohibited.
  3. All student and non-student members must pay attention to the following guidelines.
  • Library non-student members and visitors must pay 12 pesos per hour for the use of computer in the KTS computer laboratory.
  • Students enrolled in regular semester courses will pay a KTS computer fee of P 300 pesos as part of their registration and will be given 25 hours of free computer access during the semester in which he/she is enrolled.
  • Students enrolled in modular courses will have access to the KTS Library for free for 1 month following the end of their modular class and have 12 hours free for the use of the KTS
  1. Computer laboratory.
  2. KTS ID for students, a Library or Visitor ID must be worn while inside the KTS Computer Lab.
  3. Any hardware or software problem encountered should be reported to the KTS Library Personnel immediately.
  4.  KTS Computer Users are not allowed to download software and programs to KTS computers nor are they allowed to change any configuration or setting of the KTS computer assigned to them.
  5. The KTS Computer Network and Internet Access is not to be used for commercial purposes.